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Thread: Knives, new and old

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    TNT – A Knife, by ZERO POINT

    September 20th, 2010

    Brief comments at the end.............

    Zero Point is a small company established by a group of US Navy EOD Tech’s with a great deal of tactical experience who saw a need for unique equipment to support the EOD mission. They specialize in Training/Equipment and Development of New Equipment for unique requirements and mission sets.

    The TNT is obviously built and designed by folks who have been in the trenches and know what is necessary for this unique group of warfighters. The staff at ZERO POINT; Perry, Bob, and Jeff, impressed us as guys who know what the end user would benefit from and you can see this in the TNT. Thanks to Perry over at ZERO POINT for allowing us to push their knife through some serious testing and evaluation or the past three months.

    As we’ve mentioned in previous articles on knives, they are a personal choice, and will often be misused and abused – we’ll let you decide when and where to do that. While a few will choose not to carry a knife, many others choose to do so and a few choose to carry several knives at the same time. This author believes a good cutting blade can often be more useful than any number of other tools if used properly. When mounted and carried in an easily accessible location the knife is often the first tool at hand.

    Not every knife is a fighting tool but rather, many are utilitarian, which is exactly what the TNT is, in both design and form.

    For example, the sheath is made of KYDEX and is ready to go with either MOLLE or belt attachment hardware. Additionally, it can quickly be attached via straps for SCUBA/Dive Operations. Now that’s some forward thinking, wouldn’t you agree? Very versatile.

    Not only is TNT a slick design, it’s made of some pretty impressive material as well.

    The TNT Knife is made of grade 5 titanium (annealed) Ti-6AI-4V. Perry tells us this is basically aerospace grade titanium. That’s some pretty impressive material. Further their knife registered .79 on the magnetometer, which easily qualifies as non-magnetic. So if you have a J-O-B that requires your tools be non-magnetic, then TNT will easily fit this bill.

    TNT impressed us time and again as we cut, hacked, tore, ripped, sawed, smashed, thwacked and thumped our way through the junk yard. Really there’s an unlimited list of opportunities inside a junk yard and this knife really did some neat stuff. Additionally, we utilized the TNT in training and real-world applications which should never be separated. Remember the old adage; You will Fight like You Train.

    Fit, Form, Feel, and Functionality are always of importance to the end user. Although the TNT may look meek and mild, it is very well built and will take most any abuse it can be subjected to.

    The blade is flat edged so there is no way to puncture or rip a lifevest or rubber boat, making this design is an excellent choice for Dive Ops as well as for use in other Maritime applications.

    TNT is more than an EOD Knife. It will also easily facilitate numerous capabilities such as cutting through pipe, leather, cloth, straps/seat belts, and anything you may face in the field. This knife is sure to do so with ease and precision. Just look at this video as it cuts through a hydraulic pipe with the saw side of the blade, under the hood of this car in the junkyard.

    Smashing through a window is not as easy as it seems on TV where things are not always portrayed correctly. Attempting to use a round ended or blunt object to break a vehicle window often ends in utter failure. That’s why it’s important to have the right tool at hand, or in this case the right knife with the right tip as it can make all the difference in the world. Design, form, fit, and functionality all work together in this knife, making window breaking a simple task.

    Slim Profile and Ergonomic Design combined with Sheath fit and functionality are all capabilities built into one small knife unit.

    After seeing how this knife easily cuts multiple wires, breaks windows and saws through tubing, you can only imagine how well it would work in any of the multitude of tasks you could use a knife for. TNT is definitely one of those GOT TO HAVE items in any Go-Bag!!!

    To get yours, order direct from ZERO POINT or from www.blueridgeknives.com.


    NOT really impressed with this multi-tool cum knife........Titanium is a bitch to keep sharp and one of the high grade stainless steels is better, S30V or H1 or equivalent.........Ti is non-magnetic however so has applicability for where magnetised steel will be a problem but this doesn't apply to most/all IED's as far as I know..........

    The video with the window breaker is hilarious! Look it broke three windows in a row.........Jeezus it should break 300 windows without problem.........

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    Via Soldier Systems............

    PALS Universal Platform

    September 29th, 2010

    Bawidamann Blades has developed an innovative solution for attaching equipment to PALS compatible platforms. As you can see from the graphic it is versatile in that it allows you to assemble your sheaths and pouches to the PUP at virtually any angle.


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    From MilTimes GearScout............

    A fighting knife fit for Marines

    January 18th, 2011 | Product Announcement | Posted by Lance Bacon

    Strider Knives gave Gear Scout a first look at a fighting knife so new it hasn’t even hit the company’s Web site.

    The K-bar styled profile will be familiar to Marines, but this isn’t for framing. The blade runs the length of the redesigned handle to provide strength and survivability — the key qualities of the man for which it was named. Chuck Mawhinney is a Vietnam vet whose 103 confirmed kills (not to mention the 216 probables) remains a Marine record.

    The model will run you $350, and the company gives military and law enforcement get a 20 percent discount.

    It is a Strider BUT that's a whacking big price for a non-custom..............

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    Emerson raises the roof with new Roadhouse

    January 20th, 2011 | Product Announcement Product Preview | Posted by Lance Bacon

    Now this looks like class! Makes the Strider look like the Fanboy POS it is..................

    When Ernest Emerson placed his newest knife in our hands, it was evident the “Roadhouse” is destined to be a classic.

    If you are in the market, take a little advice: Forget all the cheesy blade designs and grips that have become all too common. This is a practical and tactical fighting knife.

    Roadhouse comes with Emerson’s renown “wave feature” which opens and locks the blade for you as you pull it out of your pocket. It has a Double V Ground Blade but a Tonto-type design, which provides two types of grind. A key feature is that the 3.8-inch blade is under slung but its cutting edge sweeps up. This maintains the centerline through the middle of a very ergonomic 5.1-inch handle. This design offers optimal thrusting and stabbing balance.

    And this thing is just plain cool.

    Ernest Emerson described the Roadhouse like a chopped Harley, low slung and ready to roar. “If a chopper could be a knife it would be the Roadhouse. This is a bad to the bone fighter with a rebel’s soul and a Rock ‘n’ Roll attitude that cannot be tamed. Pick it up and you can just about smell the whiskey.”

    ‘Nuff said.

    The first run of The Roadhouse sold out in 24 hours. But don’t worry, there are more in stock. And you can get yours for just under $250. You can find Emerson Knives and local dealers at www.emersonknives.com. Emerson Knives offers a military a law enforcement discount.

    As a personal testimony, I’ve owned an Emerson Super Commander for many years, and it never let me down. I recently gave it to a friend headed to the ‘Stan. I’m not sure whether I miss him or my Emerson more.

    Again, ’nuff said.

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    From SHOT Show 2011 via Gearscout..........

    Emerson Canis – PROTOTYPE

    January 26th, 2011 | Product Announcement | Posted by Stickman

    While at SHOT Show last week, I had a chance to spend a little time talking with Mr & Mrs Emerson. Their latest production knife has already been shown here recently, so I’ll get right to the prototype “Canis” they showed me. Mary Emerson told me that I could only share the pictures if I made it very clear that these are pictures of the prototype knife, and if I stated that there would be changes to the production model. That sounds fair to me, I enjoy prototype equipment and first looks at new things. If nothing else, this gives us a pretty good clue about what we should be seeing soon from the collaboration of the Emerson Team and Kelly McCann.

    Check out http://emersonknives.com/ for more information.

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    From Soldier Ssystems..........

    Spartan Blades Phobos

    February 4th, 2011

    Named for Phobos (Fo-Boz), the offspring of Ares and Aphrodite, he was known to accompany Ares into battle. Like the legendary figure who inspired its name, this is a companion knife that can be worn inside the waist band (IWB), around the neck or in a pocket. Phobos’ design makes it a comfortable everyday carry fixed blade with great ergonomics. The 2-13/16″ Wharnecliffe / Sheepfoot blade is well suited for daily cutting tasks, and excels at cutting tape, cardboard, straps and clothing. The blade is available in two SpartaCoat-PVD shades, Tungsten DLC (Black) or ZrN (Flat Dark Earth). Additionally, In order to accommodate a variety of carry options, the form fitted Kydex sheath (Black or Coyote) comes with a stainless steel neck chain, IWB loop and para-cord (2′) for convenient carry options. Finally, Phobos’ lanyard includes a plated pewter Spartan helmet bead.


    Great! Tells you about all the pretty stuff but not what steel its made from............looks OK but not a big fan of this type of Necker

    Had a look myself - its S30V Stainless which is a pretty common standard, high grade steel for Knife-makers and the RRP starts at USD$160 which is a bit rich for what it is...........

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    From Soldier Systems.............

    A Randall for the 21st Century

    March 7th, 2011

    Most of use who grew up at any point between the end of World War II and the first Gulf War have a bit of a romantic notion of the steely eyed killer with a Randall #14 Attack knife strapped to his field gear. If you are like me, you have probably wanted a Randall knife but for whatever reason, you never got around to purchasing one. It might be because they are so expensive, or the long wait time, or that, while classic they are generally shiny knives made from carbon steel that require a lot of maintenance.

    But now, all of those excuses have been answered. Vickers Tactical in conjunction with Schoening Tactical is offering three distinct Randall combat models; the #14 Attack, 315 Airman, and #18 Attack-Survival. Called the VST series, they doing an after market mod to the knives to update them a little. Let’s face it, while the Randall designs are iconic, they have remained static for decades.

    The main thing with the VST series is that they are offering subdued finishes; specifically parkerized carbon steel blades or bead blasted stainless steel blades to both protect the metal and cut down on their high sheen. You CANNOT get a subdued finished knife directly from Randall.

    There is another advantage. You will get your knife much sooner than ordering directly from Randall Knives. Randall is running a five year backlog on individual orders since the vast majority of their business is dealer direct. So, if you want to purchase a Randall knife right now you have to go out and search their various dealers and look for the model and options you are seeking. Then, you have to worry about price since these days, Randalls have unfortunately become more collector knives than carry knives for military and LE. I have seen used models going for more than these are being offered for and not the VN-era models either.

    It is important to note that only 100 of each model will be available and are priced so that a service member can actually afford one. Remember, Randalls aren’t cheap but these prices are fantastic, especially considering the extras and delivery schedule.

    To order visit www.lhgk.us.

    More pics at the bottom of the page here.................


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    BLADE show is an annual event in the USA predominantly to show off new knives but also has input on new items from Other Gear people per the below.................

    Blade Show report

    June 11th, 2011 | Product Announcement Show Report | Posted by Rob Curtis


    Here’s a photo gallery of all the gear I got to see on the first day of Blade Show. New knives from Spartan Blades, Daniel Winkler, and a non-novelty 1911 themed blade from Ultimate Equipment. I also got to see new axe designs from RMJ, Strider and Daniel Winkler. In the “other” gear, Jones Tactical gave me a look at their updated Cobra Gunner’s Belt and Exotac had a new, brightly colored bombproof match case. Lastly, I got to play with 4Sevens XM18, a battery powered array of 18 LEDs that puts out 18,000 lumens.

    Spartan Blades CQB Tool ($160) and trainer ($45). The knife is made from 154CM stainless steel and is designed to get an attacker off while still allowing the transition to a sidearm without having to drop the blade.

    The Spartan Blades CQB Tool is sharpened only halfway in order to produce a great deal of pain in an assailant with the idea that it will interrupt their attack.

    Spartan Blades Harsey Hunter is Spartan's second collaboration with Bill Harsey. The new bade is 7 5/8" long with an overall length of 13 1/4". IT features a transitional blade that is sstrong enough for combat, but thin enough up at the tip for skinning game. This one will set you back about $500 as shown.

    RMJ Tactical gave me a look at their new Crash Axe. The 4140 chromoly steel rescue tool is based on the WWII Special Purpose Axe (SPAX). It's updated blade design helps rip open metal fuselages without getting hung up. On the other end, the new spike has a depth limiting design and a built in fulcrum for superior can-opener action. RMJ is aiming for a fall release with a $450 pricetag.

    RMJ Tactical is working on a variation of their popular Jenny Wren 'hawk. This one's got multiple grip positions, tension style lanyard points and should be out around Christmas, 2011 for around $300.

    Winkler II's Spike ($390) gets it's name from the pointed butt of the knife handle. It, and the new Striker, are the first knives Winkler is offering with a cord wrap grip.

    Winkler II's Spike ($390) gets it's name from the pointed butt of the knife handle. It, and the new Striker, are the first knives Winkler is offering with a cord wrap grip.

    Winkler II's Striker ($465) gets it's name from the hammer-end knife handle. It's tapperd design has 3/8" of 5160 steel at the hammer end tapering all the way down to 3/16" at the knife tip. It's availble in a traditional handle or with a paracord wrap.

    The hammer-end of Winkler II's new Striker knife at the Blade Show in Atlanta, GA, 6/10/11.

    Winkler II's new Stealth tomahawk is a pint-sized shredder that will price at $475.

    To be continued.................

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    This Daniel Winkler's forged design is called the Four Directions belt knife. Its blade is made from 1200 layer Damascus steel and features a rawhide-wrapped elk antler handle. The sheath is made by Karen Shook. The knife and sheath will set you back $1650.

    The 4Sevens prototype XM18 battery powered array of 18 LEDs puts out 18,000 lumens and runs for more than 2 hours on a single charge.

    The 4Sevens prototype XM18 battery powered array of 18 LEDs puts out 18,000 lumens and runs for more than 2 hours on a single charge.

    The Exotac Matchcap ($25) has been around, though not with this hi-vis orange finish. The new color makes the 5m waterproof match case easier to find in a pack. Two striking surfaces, one protected by the cap, give you options when things get wet.

    Jones Tactical's updated 1.75" Cobra Shooters Belt ($65) has a much stiffer internal lining that improves its performance as a full-on duty belt.

    The mysterious and awesome Tactical Bacon patch appeard at the Blade Show in Atlanta, GA, 6/10/11. Even the guy that had it wasn't sure where it came from.

    Ultimate Equipment's M1911 Folding Knife, Gen III, uses standard 1911 grips and grop screws to allow its owner to customize their knife with any 1911 grips they want. The latest generation of the kinve features upgraded blade thickness, a moredurable coating and a smoother lock. Available as shown in full and officer size for $110 and $105 with Cocobolo grips. The top is the full size in black oxide finish, below it is the bead-blasetd officer model.

    Strider Knives has a new breeching axe with a sharpened beard so breechers can rip through wires found in walls.

    Tactical Innovations Engineering Modular Retention System (MRS) is a Kydex sheath with an overmolded retention system that breaks free with a snap. $55 for a single, $75 for the combo sheath in paddle, MOLLE or beltloop configuration. Add $10 for a TekLoc.

    Tactical Innovations Engineering overmolded retention system. The black, stippled Kydex snaps over the inner green Kydex, securing the contents of the sheath until it's unsnapped.

    - ENDS -

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    Via Soldier Systems blog.................

    Darrel Ralph Knives

    Both the 18Xray NSN and Gun Hammer NSN knives are becoming extremely popular down range and sellers can’t keep them in stock. Designed by renown knifemaker Darrel Ralph, they are intended for everyday use.

    18Xray NSNs

    1095015688897 Tanto


    1095015339377 Bowie


    The 18X measures 8-7/8” Open, with a 3-13/16” 154cm Blade with a DLC Non-Glare Finish. The handle is crafted from Mil-Spec Type III hard coated aircraft aluminum.

    Gun Hammer

    The Gun Hammer gets its name from its 1911 looks. As you can see from the photo, the 3D Machined ETAC grip pattern scales are designed to maintain purchase, even when wet. It is available in two blade styles, the radically different Radian Re-Curve blade style (not pictured) boasts an extremely aggressive, modern style, while the more traditional style blade (shown below) draws inspiration from a classic Bowie knife blade shape. Both blades are 3.5″ and made from CPM S30V Blade Steel.

    Slide Auto Safety

    Both models feature Darrel Ralph’s SAS (Slide Auto Safety) system. This is an AUTOMATIC safety system. The system is always in the safe mode either in the open or closed position. The button works much like a GLOCK Trigger system safety. To open the knife you have to push forward and down simultaneously. The blade fires and the button returns to the safe position automatically. It’s very natural but eliminates accidental openings of automatic knives in pockets or other equally embarrassing places. I’ve tried it and it works like a charm. No hang up. You just have to remember to give it a nudge forward while you are mashing the button.

    Made in the USA, both knives feature a Limited Forever Warranty.

    SSD readers will enjoy a discount of 20% for Military and LE through September. When ordering use coupon code SS18. This offer is only valid at www.hmtknives.com.

    *These are Automatic opening knives (assisted opening available) www.htmknives.com

    Note to Aussie readers: Neither Automatic nor Assisted Openers are legal in Australia without specific Permits. This applies whether you are a serving soldier or not.I'd suggest that this company make a manual folder as well as all designs shown could be so modified, it opens the sales potential dramatically............

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