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Thread: Knives, new and old

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    Geissele’s New Abraham & Moses Knife | SHOT2017

    Posted 7 hours ago in Knives, Other Gear & Gadgets, SHOT Show 2017 by Nicholas C with 6 Comments

    Technically, a very clever design but at an astronomically high price...................Custom price knife levels............most Military's cannot afford this, won't pay this............only the Special Forces guys might get this through............

    Bill Geissele has started a new company called Abraham & Mo ses. You can see the company name engraved into the side of the billet aluminum CNC sheath.

    Here is the Sheath as it starts off as a block of aluminum then gets machined and finally coated and assembled.

    The sheath will have a nylon 3d printed insert. This is the final product according to the Geissele rep. They do not plan on making the nylon in anything other than 3D printed.

    The sheath comes with a belt loop and a spare panel that you can swap out to attach it to molle.

    The sheath will come with two types of locking buttons. A friction button which will just help to keep the knife in the sheath but allow the knife to be withdrawn without touching the sheath. The other is a locking button. You can see the indentation in the side of the blade, the locking button will lock onto that and you will have to depress the button in order to withdraw the knife.

    They are getting the steel for the blade from Carpenter and will be PD#1.

    Low serial numbers for those who collect.

    The knives will be serialized as you can see above. The knife and sheath will cost $750.
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    You can buy a Glock for that...
    In a low speed post-merge manoeuvring fight, with a high off-boresight 4th generation missile and Helmet Mounted Display, the Super Hornet will be a very difficult opponent for any current Russian fighter, even the Su-27/30

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    I can buy FIVE better quality knives for that! The only thing unique about this knife is the sheath system, and to be honest, I'd say "bugger that" for a better quality blade & plain and simple Cordura sheath.............I'm also NOT a fan of a knife on the front chest; wrong position, in my personal opinion..................

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