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Thread: Knives, new and old

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    Knives, new and old

    Emerson Knives’ UBR Commander

    January 21st, 2010

    Posted by Matthew Cox, Military Times GearScout

    UBR Commander, top, compared to the older Super Commander, bottom.

    Earnest Emerson’s knives keep getting bigger. Last year, it was the Super CQC-8 with a 4.3-inch blade. This year it’s the UBR Commander, the fourth in the Commander line, that sports a 4.75-inch blade. That’s a ¾-inch increase over the Super Commander. It has a 154cm steel blade with Emerson’s new Stonewash Satin finish and a G10 handle.

    So if you need a tactical blade that resembles a folding Kukri, all you’ve got to do is wait until April and save your allowance — the UBR is going to cost you $375.

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    Slice it, dice it, chop it with TOPS’ HAKET

    January 22nd, 2010 | Posted by Matthew Cox

    TOPS Knives has unveiled its new wilderness tool that can be a field axe and a pick until you take it apart and it becomes a knife/scraper/chopper combo. The HAKET’s blade is 1095 steel with a small tomahawk blade on one end and a knife blade on the other. It slides into a slot on the chrome-moly allow handle and fastens tight with a special bolt. It weighs about 2.5 pounds with the black nylon sheath. It will cost you $169 to $189 and will include a basic survival kit in the handle. Extra blades will be available for just under $60.

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    Spyderco WARRIOR..........

    By Aaron Rowe January 28, 2010 | 7:30 pm

    Spyderco released this wicked looking knife, which they have dubbed The Warrior. Fantasy soldier might be a better name. Although its design was inspired by the work of the Darwin-award-worthy mercenary Michael Echanis, we don’t expect to see a lot of contractors carrying these things around. A sales representative told us that the serrations on the inner edge are designed for beheading people. It’s made with H1 steel, so it won’t rust even if you bring it along on a Hawaiian snorkeling trip.

    Photos courtesy of Bryan William Jones

    More info direct from Spyderco................

    length overall 10 5/8 in. (269 mm)

    blade length 5 11/16 in. (144 mm)

    blade steel H-1

    cutting edge 5 5/32-2 3/4 in. (131/70 mm)

    weight 8.2 oz. (232 g)

    hole diameter 15/64 in. (6 mm)

    blade thickness 5/32 in. (4 mm)

    handle material FRN

    Knife Center do them for USD$255.95 which is FAR better than the near-$400 RRP..........permit only for Australia!

    The Warrior fixed blade is one of the world’s most intriguing combat knives. Based largely on the groundbreaking research of close-combat icon Michael Echanis, the original Warrior was a radical design intended primarily for use with reverse-grip tactics inspired by the Korean martial art of HwaRangDo. Produced in limited quantities by the late Al Mar and later resurrected by the martial artist Bob Taylor and Echnais contemporary Randy Wanner, it is one of the most coveted combat knives ever made.

    The Spyderco Warrior faithfully retains all the salient features of the original, while adding a number of performance enhancements. Its revitalization happened at the request of our Israeli customer, Guy Rafaeli.

    Ground from rust-free austenitic H-1 steel, it possesses the same differential hardness properties of a clay-tempered Samurai sword, giving it extreme cutting power and shock resistance. Its full-tang construction and textured handle scales provide a superior grip and edge orientation, maximizing the knife’s effectiveness when employed with its signature tactics. The sheath is a black ballistic nylon snap-closed sheath with Molle-vest attachment capability.

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    IF you try and get this past your Sergeant Major let me know, I want someone to film the expression on his face when you do! HA!

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    TOPS Knives Pry Knife and PPP Tool Knife has 4-1/2" Blade Micarta Handle


    You Pay: $149.95

    TOPS PRY KNIFE & PPP TOOL - Knife with Micarta Handle

    O/A Length: 10 3/4"
    Blade Length: 4 1/2"
    Thickness: 1/4"
    Steel: 1095 High Carbon
    Handle: Micarta
    Color: Black Traction Coating
    Sheath: Nylon

    O/A Length: 7 1/4"
    Spoon Width: 1 1/4"
    Shank Thickness: 1/2"
    Steel: 5140 Alloy Rc 55-56 Forged Steel
    Sheath: Nylon
    Mfg: Handcrafted in the USA
    NEVER sure of the worth of such small knives for Military and EMS use but some may have a need! Permit only for Australia, its got serrated edges on two edges...................price quoted is discounted from Knife Center in the USA..................

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    My latest little collection of knives, all Spyderco's...........the larger ones are called the Military model and the smaller ones the Paramilitary..........

    The two digi-camo ones are duplicates..........I may give them away but only to serving soldiers, strictly ARMY and only Australian or Kiwi............Email me details if interested...........this is only open to members here!!!

    Blade steel is S30V a Crucible Metals stainless variant. These are pretty robust knives so good for EDC in a pocket..........

    The two Olive/Field Green ones are D2 steel all the rest are S30V...........the big black Millie has Carbon Fibre bolsters/scales.......great User knives all of them!

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    My email address is..............IF anyone interested?


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    My mother taught me not to accept gifts from strangers...

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    If it was a stranger than I might accept that remark..............

    Offer withdrawn.........
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    I am not serving Army, but I want the digital camo / black knifey. Give it to me now.

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