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Thread: Indonesian Airforce Developments

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    Indonesian Airforce Developments

    RI wants to buy US fighters, cargo jets

    Mustaqim Adamrah, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

    Thu, 07/01/2010 8:09 AM

    Indonesia told the US it wants to buy billions of dollars of American-made military aircraft, in hopes that a US-embargo on military sales to the country may soon be lifted, a Defense Ministry spokesman says.

    “During a bilateral meeting, the Indonesian government expressed its interest to purchase F-16 and C-130H Hercules [cargo] aircraft to complete its squadrons,” Defense Ministry spokesman I Wayan Midhio said on Wednesday.

    Indonesian Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro and US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates discussed the potential sale during the Shangri-La defense dialogue in Singapore last month, Wayan said.

    The US welcomed Indonesia’s proposal to buy more US-made military equipment, he added.

    The US also pledged US$15.7 million to Indonesia in 2010 and $20 million in 2011 under the aegis of capacity-building programs to help “modernize” the Indonesian Military (TNI), Wayan said.

    Military aid will be in the form of training and education to be carried out in both Indonesia and the US, he added. The US offered to sell surplus fighter jets at steeply-discounted prices to persuade Indonesia to buy, Wayan said.

    Indonesia currently has only four operational jet fighters — less than a single squadron — University of Indonesia’s military expert Andi Widjajanto said. Each squadron should have eight to 12 planes depending on operational, maintenance and training plans.

    The Air Force has two operational commands in the country’s east and west. Each command has two bases, which in turn require eight fighter squadrons per base, he said.

    A fifth-generation F-16 jet fighter costs between $120 million and $140 million, without munitions. A fourth-generation F-16 Falcon fighter costs between $88 million and $90 million, without munitions, Andi said.

    There is a surplus of F-16s on the global arms market due to production overruns by US defense contractor manufacturer Lockheed Martin. The company’s capacity still reflects Cold War production levels, Andi added.

    The US is also replacing its squadrons of F-16 with newer F-22 Raptors and F-35 Lightnings, he said. Both oversupply and change in preference have lowered prices for F-16s in the global market, he said.

    WTF! What a load of crap.........talk about BS..........

    It is unlikely that the country can purchase F-16s from the US because an embargo on arms sales to Indonesia is still in effect, Andi said.

    “Almost 90 percent of the embargo has been lifted since 2006, but lethal weapons sales have not been lifted and I think there is no sign that the US will do so,” he said.

    “Therefore, purchasing a Hercules [cargo aircraft] may not be a problem, but purchasing a F-16 plane can be.”

    The US Congress imposed the military embargo over a decade ago citing human rights violations committed by the Indonesian Army’s Special Forces (Kopassus) in West Papua and Timor Leste (then East Timor).

    However a recently-signed bilateral defense framework arrangement allows Indonesia to procure military equipment from the US, as previously reported, though the US stated it still expects Kopassus to respect human rights.

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    There are not enough chickens in ALL of Indonesia to buy "billions" of dollars worth of anything...

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    Don't forget their bountiful supply of coconut oil AD...

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    Throw in a few freebie holidays in Bali..............got it made really..........

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimWH View Post
    Don't forget their bountiful supply of coconut oil AD...
    True, though the spray tan industry might get upset if America were to barter that much coconut oil for a few F-16's that Indonesia couldn't afford to arm or fly anyway...

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    Pakistan offers jet fighter to Indonesian Military

    Dicky Christanto, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Thu, 07/22/2010 10:17 AM

    Pakistan Defense Minister Chaudhary Ahmed Mukhtar offers his Indonesian counterpart the latest jet fighter called the JF-17 during his visit to Jakarta on Wednesday.

    Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro responded to the offer, saying that further discussion would be conducted in October.

    Minister Mukhtar was here to sign the Defense Cooperation Agreement between the two countries at the Defense Ministry.

    “We will see it first before we decide if we have an interest in purchasing the aircraft,” Purnomo said.

    He said the JF-17 jet fighter was the product of a joint production between Pakistan and China. The manufacturers claimed the jet to be cheaper and stronger than the US F-16.

    Purnomo said he learned there had been 500 JF-17 jet fighters produced; 350 are allocated for Pakistan and the remaining 150 are for China.

    “I have been informed that Pakistan’s jet fighter’s level is above the US F-16 jet fighter, as well as Russia’s Sukhoi. But we need to see it first hand,” he said.

    Minister Mukhtar said the jet fighter project was a result of years of engineering improvements that was made by the Pakistan defense industry back home.

    “We have developed our defense industry properly, we have prepared for those who plan to disrupt our peace,” he said.

    Pakistan Ambassador to Indonesia Sanaullah, who also attended the press conference, promoted the product, saying the aircraft had met the requirements to be used by the Indonesian military.

    The Defense Ministry is currently developing its own jet fighter project with South Korea. Dubbed the KFX project, the project is aimed at providing both countries with five jet fighter prototypes before 2020.

    Mass production of the KFX jet fighter is expected to take place after the project reaches its break-even point of 200 aircraft units.

    Bhatara Ibnu Reza, Imparsial’s research coordinator, warned that the Indonesian military should prioritize the improvement of its own defense industry.

    He said if offers like that from Pakistan contributed to the reinforcement of the country’s defense industry, then Imparsial suggested Indonesia take advantage of it.

    “I strongly suggest that we pay serious attention to rebuilding our defense industry so it becomes a strong backbone for the future,” he told The Jakarta Post.

    In addition to offering the jet fighter, the Pakistan defense minister also tightened cooperation in the field of education and sharing intelligence on counterterrorism.

    Both countries have also planned to conduct a joint naval exercise in December this year.

    “We face similar internal security problems here. Therefore cooperation will enable us to tackle these problems,” he said.

    The Pakistani defense minister visit is the latest, after China’s Central Military Commissioner, Guo Boxiong, visited the country in May.

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    More Russian fighter jets to arrive in September

    The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Thu, 08/12/2010 2:21 PM

    The Air Force is expecting the arrival of three new Russian fighter jets Sukhoi SU-27SKM on early September.

    Air Force chief of staff Vice Marshall Imam Sufaat told Antara news agency that two of the jets would arrive in early September and another in the third week of the month.

    Imam said that the jets would arrive in Hasanuddin Air Force Base in Makassar, South Sulawesi to be assembled and tested there.

    The jets are among six Sukhoi fighters jets bought in 2007. Three Sukhoi SU-30MK2 fighters already arrived in 2008 and 2009.

    The six will bring the total number of Indonesia's Sukhoi fleet to 10.

    Russia has provided Indonesia with a US$1 billion-credit scheme to finance this and other military purchases from the European military giant, including 22 helicopters, 20 amphibious tanks and two submarines.

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    We are doomed...

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    Su-27SKM, is this the third variant of Sukhoi they've bought now? Their maintenance people must absolutely *love* the procurement people........

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    Maintenance people? Surely you have to fly them in order for them to need maintenance?

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