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Thread: RAN News

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    Talk about fucking biased! In their attempt to maintain their outrage, they seem to have sidelined this tidbit...

    ...the capability gap can be filled by HMAS Choules...
    There is no capability gap. Three ships means one is available at all times, two most of the time, all three some of the time.

    "The Government does need to explain to us precisely what is the engineering problem that they're confronting, how did it happen, and I think, very importantly, will these ships be available for service in Operation Talisman Sabre [in July]."


    There's a bit of a reach between 7-10 days and four months.

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    Yep, the Choules has been the nominated HADR ship through the whole cyclone season. Even if the two LHDs were serviceable, it would have been the Choules that got sent to help. The LHDs have more important things going on.

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    I was down at Wollomolloo on Sunday and only Canberra was there. Dunno where Adelaide was. The article says they are both in Sydney.

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    Not in the Captain Cook Graving Dock?

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