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Thread: RAN News

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    RAN conducts advance force training

    17th March 2017 - 6:30

    by The Shephard News Team

    The Royal Australian Navy's (RAN's) HMAS Huon has put its mine countermeasures equipment and helicopter operations to the test as part of Exercise Ocean Explorer, the navy announced on 13 March.

    The mine hunter tested its Type 2093 variable depth sonar for accuracy and carried out vertical replenishment and personnel transfers with aircraft from 723 Squadron.

    Ocean Explorer was a multinational exercise designed to test the navy's ability to conduct high-end warfare. RAN vessels Huon, Diamantina and Yarra conducted maritime advance force training in various locations around Australia.

    Huon successfully conducted all validation trials of the Type 2093 sonar; operational analysis and reports are being compiled.

    The sonar can be operated in hull-mounted mode or in variable depth mode, with dual-frequency search and classification capability. In the variable depth mode both frequencies operate simultaneously, the lower frequency covering mid-water to surface depths and the higher frequency covering the seabed. The system has a detection range greater than 1000m and a classification range greater than 200m.

    Commanding Officer Lieutenant Commander Jason Mullen, said: 'We need to be fully cognisant of our system's capabilities as this affects how we train and do business.

    'The mine hunters ensure a body of water is safe for shipping prior to the arrival of the follow-on forces, such as an amphibious platform. Once the mine hunters, the clearance diving teams and the mine warfare teams have reduced any potential mine threat to a minimum, the amphibious landing can begin.'

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    New Helicopter Aircrew Training System at HMAS Albatross

    (Source: Australian Department of Defence; issued March 17, 2017)

    Minister for Defence, Senator the Hon Marise Payne, and Member for Gilmore, Ann Sudmalis MP, today inspected progress in the development of a $157 million Helicopter Aircrew Training System at 816 Squadron at HMAS Albatross.

    Minister Payne said the project will provide state of the art training facilities for Navy and Army aviators.

    “The new Helicopter Aircrew Training System will provide streamlined initial pilot training in a highly realistic environment for our Navy and Army personnel,” Minister Payne said.

    “As part of the training system, 15 Airbus EC135 helicopters will be based at Nowra replacing the Navy’s Squirrel and Army’s Kiowa helicopters which are more than 30 and 40 years old respectively.

    “The project includes a new training centre with three flight simulators, refurbished hangars and workshops and new living accommodation.”

    Once operational in 2018, the facility will support the training of up to 116 pilots, aviation warfare officers, aircrew, sensor operators and instructors per year.

    The Government is investing more than $500 million to upgrade facilities at HMAS Albatross, including the new Helicopter Aircrew Training System.

    Member for Gilmore Ann Sudmalis said the Government’s investment in HMAS Albatross was delivering a welcome economic boost to the region.

    “These facilities will not only assist our next generation of Army and Navy aircrew, but they are helping to secure local jobs,” Mrs Sudmalis said.

    “More than 1600 Defence personnel work at HMAS Albatross and it is great to have an investment this size in the region.

    “The men and women who serve our country that operate out of HMAS Albatross call Gilmore home. That in itself is an economic investment.

    “This training facility also provides opportunities for up to 380 external contractors to work on world leading projects; it provides learning opportunities for apprentices and trainees,” Mrs Sudmalis said.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mercator View Post
    Those sea conditions look very, very calm. Of course when we have to do it for real the weather will be shit and we'll be dealing with a 2-3 metre+ swell.

    It is by will alone I set my mind in motion.
    It is by the juice of sapho that thoughts acquire speed,
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    It is by will alone I set my mind in motion.

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    Rough enough for you?

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    It is by will alone I set my mind in motion.
    It is by the juice of sapho that thoughts acquire speed,
    the lips acquire stains, the stains become a warning.
    It is by will alone I set my mind in motion.

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    Damen SEA 1180 OPV Roadshow Tours the Nation

    (Source: Damen; issued March 20, 2017)

    Damen Shipyard Group’s Australian team has delivered two more industry briefings to potential suppliers from Australian industry ahead of its bid submission for the design and build of 12 Offshore Patrol Vessels. Following the success of February’s events held in Adelaide and Perth, Damen hosted a third in Brisbane on March 15 and a fourth two days later in Melbourne.

    The Damen group is one of three international shipbuilders shortlisted for the building of the 12 steel-hulled OPVs to replace Australia’s current fleet of Armidale Class patrol boats. One of the requirements of the tender process is that the bidders partner with local shipyards and maximise local industry participation. Two of the new OPVs will be built in South Australia, and the remaining 10 in Western Australia.

    For Damen, the briefings provided the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of the suppliers and their products in the different localities

    The two most recent briefings, led by Mark Todd, Damen’s Australian Representative, were conducted with the main objective to meet face-to-face with local suppliers and provide a direct path to Damen’s supply chain for the project. For Damen, the briefings provided the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of the suppliers and their products in the different localities. At the same time, the suppliers were briefed on the criteria that Damen uses to select local partners and gained a better understanding of Damen’s approach to maximising Australian industry.

    The four briefings conducted over the last two months have attracted approximately 800 attendees, which clearly demonstrates the strong interest that the SEA 1180 programme is generating.

    The ICN Gateway portal which Damen established for the tender bid attracted a significant amount of interest from SMEs wishing to be part of the build. The portal is now closed noting tender submission is due on 30 March; however, the project’s Design Review Process will continue to provide Australian SMEs the opportunity to become involved as Damen aims to lead the foundation project of Australia’s continuous Naval Shipbuilding Programme.

    Damen’s record in building vessels overseas with local partners is unrivalled in the industry. The Damen Technical Cooperation program allows clients to have Damen vessels built in their home countries using domestic yards and local labour, whilst accessing Damen’s experience and expertise. Over 1000 vessels, from pilot boats through to frigates and just about everything in between, have been delivered using this programme while simultaneously increasing productivity and efficiency at each of the shipyards.

    The tender for the SEA 1180 closes on March 30th, and the members of the Damen team are currently putting the finishing touches to their comprehensive plan to build these vessels in partnership with Australian shipbuilders ASC and Forgacs Marine and Defence.


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    This tender is for 12 OPV's. I thought the original intention was to get around 20 hulls to replace the Armidales, Houns and the two survey vessels. Has the idea of using a common platform gone by the wayside?

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    No, it's just that the Armidales are so shagged they have to be replaced urgently.

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