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A major Canadian shipbuilder has launched a bold recruitment drive Down Under looking to poach South Australian workers amid the local industry's so-called "valley of death".

In a newspaper advertisement and a social media campaign, Irving Shipbuilders calls on Australian workers to move to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and "North America's most modern shipyard".

Over the next 30 years, Irving said it would be constructing up to 21 modern patrol ships and surface combatants.

"By joining our team of more than 1,500 shipbuilders you can enjoy a dynamic, diverse and family-friendly career with a company dedicated to your success, health, wellness and safety," the company's buildshipsincanada website said.

Premier Jay Weatherill said delays in Federal Government decision-making meant Irving was seizing on a gap in work between the Air Warfare Destroyers, Future Frigates and submarines.

"It is disappointing that we've had this dithering between Defence contracts and so now we've got this valley of death, where a lot of work is going to be lost down at Techport," Mr Weatherill said.

"There is a risk that we'll lose some of our workers, obviously we want to retain as many here as we can," Mr Weatherill said.
"We shouldn't have been dithering about future submarines toying with the idea of sending them to Japan, many years were wasted.

A spokesperson for Federal Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne said: "Labor's six years of indecision has created this mess".

"It's the Turnbull Coalition Government that has commissioned 54 vessels and is investing $89 billion in continuous shipbuilding, which will create 5,000 direct jobs.

"The Turnbull Government have a plan and we are working with stakeholders across the country to implement it."

ASC at Osborne has been shedding hundreds of employees because work on the Air Warfare Destroyer project is winding down.

On its website, Irving said it was looking for engineers (hull, mechanical and electrical), combat systems engineers and specialists and ironworkers.

"Irving Shipbuilding is proud to provide our workforce with stable, good-paying jobs you can raise a family and build a future on," the website advertisement said.

The company will hold a recruitment session in Adelaide on April 20 as well as in Melbourne and Sydney.

Halifax vs Adelaide

Nova Scotia is a province almost completely surrounded by ocean in Canada's east, and is one of the country's three maritime provinces.

It has a population of almost 1 million people and its capital is Halifax was "one of the best places to live in Canada".

Any South Australians interested in moving there should pack thermals, as temperatures over winter can drop to -15 degrees Celsius.

Like Adelaide, sport is important in Nova Scotia but any Aussies will need to swap punts for pucks, with ice hockey the top game in town.

Tourism Nova Scotia describes the province as a place where you can "feel your pace fall in sync with the rhythm of the sea, as the clean salt air breathes life into an afternoon".

"Immerse yourself in culture that ranges from traditional to avant-garde, from bagpipes to world-class golf."

Food is described as typically Canadian with an emphasis on local seafood.