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Thread: Trump's new Presidency

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    It does beg the question, how Mr. Trump tried. Apparently he made plenty of concession to the far right wing and did not notice, him losing the moderates along the way while having dismissed all democrats from the outset. Appears like a one-way negotiation tactic without contingency planning until the bill hit the wall.

    Besides, there seems to be a tendency, that Mr. Trumps encrypting tweets both vocal and on Twitter get rationalized afterwards by the media. Very impressive considering he is offering very few rational arguments in the tweets themselves.

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    Microsoft exec nabs DHS cyber post

    Posted on March 28, 2017 by Mackenzie Wolf

    The first major cyber-policy appointment in the Department of Homeland Security came this week, reports CyberScoop. Christopher Krebs, a cybersecurity policy executive and vice-chair of the National Cyber Security Alliance began work as a senior counselor to John Kelly, the Secretary of Homeland Security.

    Previously, Krebs worked as a policy adviser for DHS during the George W. Bush administration and most recently as a cybersecurity policy executive for Microsoft.

    Krebs, whose appointment was first reported by Politico, was among several new jobs announced recently by DHS. President Trump announced his intent to nominate David Glawe as the undersecretary for intelligence and analysis. Glawe is currently the head of intelligence at U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

    Trump also named Benjamin Cassidy as assistance secretary of legislative affairs at DHS and Jonathan Rath Hoffman as assistant secretary of public affairs.

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