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Thread: Surface-to-Air

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    Looks to be a derivative of this 8x8 shown in 2012 but with a 30mm gatling...............

    At AirShow China 2012, the International Aviation, Aerospace and defence exhibition, China South Industries Group Corporation unveils a new wheeled 30mm self-propelled anti-aircraft gun system (SPAAGS). AirShow China is one of the most important defence event in Asia where all the Chinese defence industries present latest military technologies and innovations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buglerbilly View Post
    Looks to be a derivative of this 8x8 shown in 2012 but with a 30mm gatling...............

    The one on the truck........?

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    Nah the one on the truck is a crew-fed 35mm twin, basically the Chinese copy of the Oerlikon Contraves 35mm twin cannon...........the gun may be the same, and the calibre the same, but thta's it.

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    MAKS 2013 edited highlights

    Extract from ARES.............

    Also new was the S-350 Vityaz from Alamaz-Antey, a highly mobille system, smaller than the S-400, but using that system's 9M96E2 missile. The S-350 is carried in three modules -- the 50K6E command post, the 50N6E radar and the 12-round 50P6E launcher. A single command post can control two radars and up to eight launchers, and engage up to 16 aircraft or 12 missiles at a time.

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    More on this............

    MAKS 2013: New S-350 air defence system unveiled

    29 August 2013 - 16:18 by Ian Kemp in Moscow

    Almaz-Antei displayed publicly for the first time its new S-350E Yityaz medium range air defence system at the MAKS 2013 air show near Moscow.

    If trials scheduled to begin later this year are successful, the system could enter Russian service in 2014.

    The S-350E system consists of three vehicles: the PU 50B6E launcher, the MFR 50N6E fire control radar, and the PBU 50K6E command and control unit. A single command post would typically control a battery of two radars and up to eight launchers.

    Each mobile launcher, mounted on an 8x8 heavy duty chassis, is equipped with 12 9M96E2 vertically-launched surface-to-air missiles able to engage targets at ranges between 1.5km and 60km, and at altitudes of up to 30,000km. The launcher can also be equipped with shorter range missiles.

    The MFR 50N6E radar provides 360 coverage and is able to simultaneously track up to 32 targets. A battery is able to engage 16 aircraft at once. The target set includes cruise missiles flying at altitudes as low as 10m.

    The S-350 was unveiled in June during a visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin to Almaz-Antei's Obukhov factory in St Petersburg. Vladislav Menshikov, the company's president, said the new system should be ready for testing in the third quarter of 2013.

    The Vityaz is expected to replace the earliest variants of the S-300 air defence family, also developed by Almaz-Antei, which are scheduled to be phased out of Russian service by 2015.

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    From the MSPO exhibition now on in Poland..............interesting concept.........no idea at the moment how many relaods are carried.............

    OTO Melara Draco 76mm remotely operated weapon station at MSPO 2013.

    The DRACO is a remotely operated weapon station with multi-purpose role against Air, R.A.M., and Surface targets, with high performance direct or indirect fire.

    The weapon station can be fitted on an 8x8 wheeled platforms, for combat support operations or convoy defence, or on shelter for point defence.

    The main armament consists of a 76mm/62 gun with an automatic ammunition loading system, electrically controlled for elevation and traversing, stabilized in elevation, with high rate of fire. The main armament and the automatic loading system are fully compatible with all in service 76mm rounds and also with 76mm DART guided ammunition.

    The ammunition loading system is based on a drum, in oscillating mass, with 12 ready-to-fire rounds. The 12 rounds can be of different types and ammunition's selection can be performed during firing. The drum can be reloaded automatically, from a magazine in the back of the turret.

    The Draco weapon station turret is fitted for receiving a secondary armament composed by a 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine gun coaxially mounted.

    The DRACO can be completely controlled by two Operators (The Commander and the Gunner) from a remote position, inside the hull for mobile installation or inside a protected command shelter for fixed installation.

    More pics and info here...........


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    Tuesday, September 3, 2013, 7:55 PM

    WZU presents a new air defence solution at MSPO 2013

    The Polish manufacturer WZU presented an new air defence solution. The system includes the RIM-162 ESSM missile of Raytheon, the MTTIR Radar of Thales and a Rosomak as a radar carrier. The missile is carried by a special truck customized for this solution by WZU.

    The Rosomak with its MTTIR at MSPO 2013.

    The system aims at benefiting from the maximum potential of each equipment. The RIM-162 Evolved SeaSparrow Missile (ESSM) is a development of the RIM-7 Sea Sparrow missile used to protect ships from attacking missiles and aircraft. WZU use it in a vertical position with datalink and a guidance mode selection. The ESSM ha range of 28km and has a hit ceiling of 11,000m for a mach 3 speed.

    The RIM-162 is complementary with the Thales MTTIR (Multiple Target Tracking and Illumination Radar) and is recommended by Raytheon as a replacement for the older STIR 1.2 radar. Planned improvements such as anti-jamming and identification of non cooperating aircraft will add new capabilities to the radar and enhance its efficiency.

    WZU put the MTTIR on a Polish Rosomak and to show its expertise on adapting technologies to its products. Especially designing a highly manoeuvrable and mobile system. RIM-162 missiles are twin-packed at the rear of a truck (Ford in the picture).

    The WZU Launcher at MSPO 2013.

    using a Delivery Van/Light Truck for this show loses the impact of the possibilities of this system!

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    Agreed. Odd choice. As for your open question on the Draco: it carries 12 rounds ready-to-fire and another 24 stowed in the magazine.

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    Thanx Wolf...........I'm presuming this gun system fires at 2-3 round bursts altho things like VULCANO guided rounds may preclude the need for this? I'd be curious to see a cost/benefit analysis between guided rounds and modern VLS systems like IRIS-T SL,or the soon-to-be British CAMM......................

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    It retains pretty much the capability of the 76mm naval version and has 80 rpm with 60 seconds needed for reloading. No stabilisation for direct fire on the move if I recall correctly though.

    The german PzH2000 in Afghanistan that provided camp protection were useful for being able to drop shells on whoever attacked the camp. The 40km radius and its precision made sure of that and frequency of attacks dropped. The Draco has an indirect range <20km and DART at its disposal. Is there a more multi-purpose gun out there?
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