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    Defence released this video and some stills, but that is all I have seen released publicly.

    Pretty sure Super Hornet... Go to last post

    ADMk2 on 21-12-14

    Air-launched Weapons

    You have more computer trouble than anyone I know...

    My 27 inch iMac has run like a dream for 18 months now, apart from the power-board requiring replacement a few months back... Go to last post

    ADMk2 on 21-12-14

    Fucking desktop wont start!

    Germany handed over 5 Dingo's to the Kurds. According to that picture make that -1. Go to last post

    Wolftrap on 20-12-14

    POST Pull-out Iraq

    Really don`t understand their "strategic rational" here. Lower tech products, declining volume of tracked vehicles, increased use of bandtracks, mediocre sales by employees and a low margin business.... Go to last post

    Wolftrap on 20-12-14

    Krauss-Maffei Wegmann Takes Over Vehicle Business of Diehl Defence

    Pakistan is close to my heart – but Taliban school attack shows there’s a new depravity here

    Mishal Husain from the Today programme, who was the first journalist into the shattered army school,... Go to last post

    buglerbilly on 20-12-14

    Afghanistan and Pakistan