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    Ho, hum. EOTS is based on the Sniper XR targetting pod internals. As Sniper gets upgraded so will EOTS. NO muss, despite the doomsdayers carrying on about how 'inferior' EOTS is to other pods that... Go to last post

    ADMk2 on 04-07-15

    F-35 in all it's Variations

    Two decades after “Black Hawk Down,” U.S. special operations forces are back in East Africa’s most troubled nation. FP provides a rare window into their shadowy operations.

    By Ty McCormick
    ... Go to last post

    buglerbilly on 04-07-15

    al-Qeada, rest of Africa

    Russia's Deadliest Sub Will Have a New Home by October

    Construction at the Rybachiy Nuclear Submarine Base is moving according to plan, a Russian official tells the press.

    By Franz-Stefan... Go to last post

    buglerbilly on 04-07-15

    Russian navy 2011 and onwards

    The Slow Mobilization Toward War With Putin

    By Stephen Blank 7/3/15 at 1:54 PM

    NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg addresses a news conference after a meeting of the North Atlantic... Go to last post

    buglerbilly on 04-07-15

    The Next War starts here...........

    Snapshot, July 1, 2015

    The Baltic Balance

    How to Reduce the Chances of War in Europe

    By Christopher S. Chivvis

    On a trip to Europe last week, U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter made... Go to last post

    buglerbilly on 04-07-15

    The Baltic States