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    Well he is wrong about Tirpitz and Yamato but he is right about China establishing a position of dominance in the South China Sea.
    Conflict here will result in lots of lives lost along with the... Go to last post

    Milne Bay on 26-04-17

    China threat? Go to last post

    ARH v.4.0 on 26-04-17

    China threat?

    30 days and counting...

    Better not fuck this one up iinet. Go to last post

    ARH v.4.0 on 26-04-17

    Finally getting NBN access

    Given the Brexit vote gained majority support outside the London metropolis and the largest of the regional cities, Wales and Scotland certainly qualify as part of the anti-Brexit majority.

    May... Go to last post

    Unicorn on 26-04-17

    Theresa May to seek general election on 8 June

    They would be excellent for any Street fighter movie remake...

    The only thing they are appropriate for is propaganda... Go to last post

    ADMk2 on 25-04-17

    Amphibious Warfare