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    Russia Joins US in Race to Field Gun-Launched*Swarmbots

    By Patrick Tucker

    March 27, 2017


    A pair of Russian programs hastens the day that drone swarms may meet each other... Go to last post

    buglerbilly on 28-03-17

    UAV's, UCAV's and other such matters

    Not to get too cocky, but Belgium and Netherlands having signed their joint air defence pact, where the previous 2x alert aircraft requirement will be met by either country for both, on a rotational... Go to last post

    ADMk2 on 28-03-17

    F-35 in all it's Variations

    By Colin Clark

    on March 27, 2017 at 4:15 PM

    WASHINGTON: For the first time, an important United States military base, one where a great deal of highly classified*communications,... Go to last post

    buglerbilly on 28-03-17

    China Base Sparks ‘Very Significant Security Concerns’

    Marines Test Killer Hovercraft, Wooden Glider & 3D Printers For The Battlefield

    By Sydney J. Freedberg Jr.

    on March 27, 2017 at 11:09 AM

    Love the wooden glider...........way to go! Cheap,... Go to last post

    buglerbilly on 28-03-17

    Amphibious Warfare

    I know a couple of Kiwi Ex SAS guys from my time living there. Neither of them got lost.............ever! Unless they really wanted to................. Go to last post

    buglerbilly on 28-03-17

    SAS never operated in the two villages: NZDF hits back