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  1. Helmets and Head Gear
  2. New Assault Rifles - any calibre
  3. Boots and Foot Gear
  4. New Sniper Rifles
  5. M16, M4, HK416 et al................
  6. Knives, new and old
  7. Combat Shotguns
  8. Concealable Pistols aka "Shorties"
  9. Standard Frame Pistols
  10. And NOW for something DIFFERENT..............
  11. EF88 Rail Configuration
  12. Future Soldier Part Deux
  13. Let's throw some light on the subject............
  14. "Odds and Sods.........."
  15. Magazines and other rifle furniture
  16. "What time is it.........?"
  17. Drop the Bayonet Training?
  18. UK Light Weaponry Displayed
  19. Grenade Launchers
  20. Tents and Bags
  21. COIN Tactics
  22. Just in Time for Heli-Expo - The Hexacopter
  23. Hackers, Troops Rejoice: Pentagon Lifts Thumb-Drive Ban
  24. Food and Victuals
  25. Taking back the half kilometre?
  26. ATGM and RPG's
  27. Tactical Radio and all that..........
  28. Personal Hygiene stuff
  29. Fire-fighting grenade
  30. See through OP cam net
  31. Jet Pack!!!
  32. Sights only.........
  33. Camo Uniforms and other clothes
  34. Laser Designators
  35. Water, water, everywhere............
  36. What Does a Soldier Receive in the IDF Kit?
  37. IMI Foot Mobile Assault Bridge (FMAB) Systems to Support USMC Forces in Afghanistan
  38. Militia news
  39. The Weakness of Taliban Marksmanship?
  40. Tools and Axes
  41. iPod Goes Tactical With two Shot Timer Apps
  42. Elisra develops the EJAB (Electronic Jamming Against Bomb) family
  43. Mortars big and small
  44. Glasses and Eye Protection
  45. Gallery: Firing the (U.S.) Army’s Biggest, Baddest Guns
  46. Army’s New 3D Trainer, Complete with Funny Helmet Attachment
  47. Review of Defence Equipment Reporting
  48. Ammunition and all that, all calibres
  49. Inventor of the bazooka dies
  50. Tactical Umbrella
  51. GPS for Your Wrist — Garmin Foretrex
  52. US Body Armor Recall
  53. Kitty Cams, Briefcase Drones at Special Ops Conference
  54. Man-pack Radar
  55. Body Armour
  56. Batteries large and small...........
  57. U.S. Army Nearly Triples Its Radios Over Decade
  58. Personal fitness regime
  59. Exoskeletons
  60. US Army's Loitering Munitions program, LMAMS
  61. Case Telescoped Ammo and Guns
  62. People want.............
  63. Interactive Targets...........sort of.......!
  64. Snake Tech.........
  65. General Camo thread
  66. Tools and/or tool-kits
  67. SOLAR equipment for personnel
  68. Breath Sensors Reveal the Enemy Behind a Wall
  69. Pistols masquerading as Carbines
  70. British troops' Black Bag of kit
  71. New Backpack Makes 3D Maps of Buildings
  72. Camera's for the Field
  73. Water, water, everywhere.........
  74. Parkour et al..........
  75. Disruptive Technologies
  76. Machine Pistols and Other Dinky Toys
  77. Back to the Future?
  78. Personnel Tracking Apps
  79. Machine guns, Light and Medium
  80. Tracking and Monitoring Dismounted Ground Forces
  81. Tracked Skate Board?
  82. Military Eyes Secret of Fireflies’ Glow
  83. Thuls
  84. BATMAN cometh!
  85. Bows and Crossbows
  86. Wingsuits and other such stuff!
  87. Ruggedised Mobile Phones
  88. Ruggedised Computers, PDA's ect
  89. Fuel Cells
  90. Expedition Series Masts
  91. ISDEF 2010 exhibition
  92. Heavy machine guns and related matters
  93. Seeing Behind Walls
  94. Water Generation
  95. Containers and Boxes
  96. Army Looking for New Ground Penetrating Radar
  97. ATV's and other such
  98. Portable Solar Chargers
  99. GPS general matters
  100. Don't shoot too much, soldiers warned
  101. Yet another fitness related question
  102. Wearable Shooter Detection
  103. Organic Motion Delivers Multi-Soldier Tracking Platform Capability to USArmy Research
  104. Surveillance Systems
  105. Historical - EM2 Bullpup rifle being fired at demo
  106. Grapnels and other climbing gear (not boots and packs)
  107. Army's Ears on the Ground Get Networked
  108. Just in case you are feeling lonely in the Field
  109. Defence Equipment to Be Put Through Its Paces
  110. UK MoD and BMT work together to provide urgent equipment for the Front Line Soldier
  111. British MOD completes review into women in close combat roles
  112. Digital close-air support improvements on the way
  113. The Weird and occasionally Wonderful
  114. XM1100 Scorpion Scores Hits in All Live Fire Tests
  115. Some unusual and interesting shots...........
  116. .303 Question
  117. Language Translator
  118. UK Army Future Defence kit showcased
  119. Boxes and Cases
  120. The new Backpack for the SASR................
  121. Darpa Wants Troop Cellphones With Heat Vision
  122. Fire and Heaters
  123. Indian navy marines ready for Tavor rifles
  124. Defense Budget Dreaming: Sensors, Audits, and Wal-Marts
  125. Special Team Restores Small Arms to Fighting Condition
  126. SWATS Gunshot Localization System
  127. Gear That Protects Troops Also Injures Them
  128. Largest-Ever Industry Team Comes Together to Improve Forward Operating Bases
  129. US Army Wants to Develop Soldier As Decisive Weapon
  130. Gander Mountain Academy Simulation Systems
  131. Troops set to take virtual plunge: MoD launches £500,000 parachute jump simulator
  132. U.S. largely unaware of sacrifice
  133. SUGRU, a whole different class of magic putty
  134. Picatinny Cobalt Alloys Show Promise for Sustained Firepower
  135. Slash and Cut Protection
  136. When you Really, REALLY Gotta Get In
  137. Gloves and Hand, Wrist and Arm Gear
  138. Military to procure “Mako” Dirigible
  139. Wearable PC's and other such
  140. Spike or Javelin? India Still Undecided on a Billion Dollar Missile Buy
  141. First-response ParaMed equipment
  142. When Gun Accessorization goes MAD!
  143. Equipping the 21st Century Warfighter Quickly and Efficiently
  144. Personal Safety Gear
  145. Heavily pimped AK47
  146. WPRC Advocates for Operational Readiness and Warfighter Safety Initiative
  147. Tactical Pens and other such gear
  148. SOCOM Wants ‘Invisible’ Commandos
  149. Munitions Knowledge at Your Fingertips
  150. Dry suits, wet suits and Underwater Gear
  151. Marine Military Expos Now on Facebook
  152. Immersive Technology Fuels Infantry Simulators
  153. Bin Laden Compound Now a Virtual Training Ground for Commandos
  154. Covert Tagging
  155. Metal Storm Introduces a Non-Lethal / Lethal Weapon System
  156. Facial Recognition advances
  157. Bayonet course brings U.S.Marines back to basics
  158. Wired Nerd Goes Digital Commando With Sims, Holograms
  159. An M249 in the Cockpit
  160. Move Over, Robots: Army Prefers Flesh-and-Blood Mules
  161. One Brain, Hundreds of Eyes: Darpa Plots Manhunt Master Controller
  162. US Army Combined Arms at the Platoon and Company Level
  163. Government and Defence Industry Work Together On Soldier Protection
  164. Personnel Night Vision Gear
  165. Marines Look for a Software Study Buddy
  166. Persoanl Cooking Gear and other such
  167. Navy Riverine Units Make Kit Compromises
  168. New SOF dirt bike emerges
  169. Diggerworks
  170. Tactical Alarms & Alerts
  171. Army and civilian scientist team test ways to protect troops
  172. 'Kraken' Provides Needed Intelligence, Force Protection at NIE
  173. The Back-to-School Wish List for Your Favorite Navy SEAL
  174. See thru walls............?
  175. Body Wearable Antennas
  176. UK Body Armour does work!
  177. DSEi 2011: Weatherhaven unveils Chinook-liftable container system
  178. Gun Mounts (not RCWS)
  179. US Replacing MC-4 Free Fall Parachute
  180. Russian Army Halts Kalashnikov Orders: Official
  181. SEGWAY-based Targets
  182. Unattended Surveillance Equipment
  183. The home brewed Danao guns of the Philippines
  184. You Can Modify Your Face But Not Your Voice
  185. Law Enforcement aspects
  186. The LION Individual EOD Kit: a Product of Hard Lessons Learned
  187. Army Wants an Honest-to-God B.S. Detector
  188. Rescue Gear et al...........
  189. Kit issues for Afghanistan
  190. What a Difference a Decade Can Make
  191. Mini and Micro power Generators
  192. The WTF rifle...........
  193. Zombies! And other such We-are-Doomed shit.........
  194. Troops in Korea first to field new equipment
  195. Non-Lethal Weapons
  196. Spec-Ops Troops Study to be Part-Spy, Part-Gumshoe
  197. Access and Climbing Gear
  198. Shot Show 2012
  199. IDF Ground Forces Introduce New High-tech Weapons
  200. Moss Pawn's Top 5 Zombie Defense Guns
  201. Couple of videos........US parajumpers and combat controllers
  202. Flash Hiders........
  203. The One-Man Flying Machine
  204. Tavor TAR-21 Fielded By Vietnam Special Forces
  205. Coverking – Tactical Seat Covers
  206. Photo Request: Austeyr F88
  207. Chinese Naval Infantry weapons shown in Hong Kong
  208. U.S. Horse Detachment teaches smuggling operations at NTC
  209. Warlords really do exist...........
  210. U.S. Army’s REF Boss Goes Beyond Gear
  211. Hand-grenades and Thrown Bombs
  212. Backpack Radar and other such
  213. Eurosatory 2012: Camero unveils through-wall sensor
  214. Eurosatory 2012: IAI Taman launches Peripheral Situational Awareness System (O-PAS)
  215. Simulated Tactical Training
  216. X95 Micro Tavor & GL40 at Eurosatory 12
  217. Non-lethal Lasers
  218. Farnborough 2012: Aero Sekur exhibits new portable MRO facility
  219. Tank Vest.........
  220. Military Motorcycles
  221. Explosives sniffers
  222. IMI's Infantry 'Overmatch' Concept At AUSA Draws Much Attention
  223. Logistics Systems and other related matters
  224. Personal Survival Kits
  225. SHOT Show Range Day 2013
  226. Lithgow Arms LA101 CrossOver
  227. 3SDL wins UK MoD live ISTAR training contract
  228. Making Sailors Sharper Shooters
  229. Army leads nation in push to digital manufacturing
  230. So It Ain’t The Bridge On the River Kwai
  231. War of the Tunnels
  232. UK Royal Marines Call for Rifle Improvements
  233. Disaster Relief and the Military association
  234. Bicycles of the semi-military kind
  235. Marines, Soldiers Get Biometrics Tool That ID’d Bin Laden
  236. Keep it cool with Manta’s barrel and can covers
  237. There is some strange shit turning up in Syria!!!
  238. Paramotors
  239. AF special ops picks QinetiQ atmospherics kit
  240. App could allow troops to call in airstrikes
  241. AK-47 Inventor Mikhail Kalashnikov Dead at 94
  242. New System to Help with Personnel Recovery Missions Is Gaining Maturity
  243. Head-up displays for personnel
  244. Marine Corps marksmanship symposium will discuss new targets, magazine policies
  245. Jet packs for U.S. soldiers? Yes, it could happen
  246. IDEX 2015 Firearms
  247. Small Unit Tactical UAS
  248. Army Tests New Acoustic Threat Detection System
  249. USMC unveils small arms Modernization intentions
  250. Geolocation targeting system