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  1. Homeland Security/Defence/Defense
  2. Army Aviation
  3. Afghanistan and Pakistan
  4. YEMEN, the new frontier?
  5. Army Life, the people left behind
  6. OSPREY adventures and other matters
  7. Industry News
  8. Army Robotics
  9. Amphibious Warfare
  10. All Terrain and High Mobility Vehicles
  11. The New US Ground Combat Vehicle
  12. ST Kinetics targets India
  13. TEXTRON's SCORPION system succeeds
  14. Sydney Alford helps in anti-IED fight
  15. BAE's new PALADIN PIM 155mm SPH
  16. Kiwi SAS photos published
  17. Let there be Narys...
  18. Bushmaster mine roller...
  19. FRES Utility Vehicle Called A Shambles?
  20. Private Military Contractors
  21. Surface-to-Air
  22. Wheeled Armoured Vehicles Part Deux
  23. Training and Medical
  24. E/O Systems
  25. U.S.Army Basic Combat Training to change?
  26. More on the 7th Battalion's move to Edinburgh S.A.
  27. Irregular warfare
  28. Outcry over Chinese-made camouflage
  29. Old but interesting short YT video(ADWS)
  30. Iraq, the Pull Out
  31. Boston Dynamics Big Dog
  32. Missile Defence
  33. An Army of Pissheads
  34. Improved Firepower for the ADF
  35. Potential Army Trucks Finalise Testing (Land 121)
  36. Project LAND 121 (OVERLANDER)
  37. Artillery in the 21st Century
  38. Armoured Engineers
  39. French Army Modernization programme SCORPION
  40. Remotely Operated Weapons
  41. US Brigade Combat Teams and all that...........
  42. Raising of 6 Brigade(CS&ISTAR)
  43. German Army vehicles in Australia
  44. N-LOS reset?
  45. Hybrid Vehicles
  46. Army Dogs fly!
  47. Ground-to-Ground Missile Systems
  48. Confirm the ID of this vehicle (M-ATV?)
  49. The Mexican Drug Wars
  50. Eurosatory 2010
  51. 3RAR retains Parachute role
  52. Some Rapid-Fielded U.S. Items To Become Formal Programs
  53. DoD to Review U.S. Army Modernization Efforts
  54. Back to Somalia?
  55. Northrop Grumman Announces Next Test Phase for U.S. Marine Corps G/ATOR System
  56. Army Reserves Capability
  57. Russia Cancels Arms Programs
  58. Tracked Armour Developments
  59. SAS reservists withdrawn from Afghan front line
  60. Collapsible and Fillable wallls for the military
  61. Only 2 U.S. Army Spinouts Ready To Deploy
  62. Artillery Question
  63. Canadian Army Missions Win Priority for Vehicle Programs
  64. Unmanned Ground Vehicles
  65. Army recommends NLOS-LS be cancelled
  66. Military Presentations
  67. Actions Needed to Improve Implementation of the Army Logistics Modernization Program
  68. Four Aussie peacekeepers win medals
  69. Textron Defense Systems' Tactical RPG Airbag Protection System (TRAPS)
  70. Improved Maintenance Regime for Armoured Fighting Vehicles
  71. Australian Force Protection Measures
  72. Army Testing Green Laser Kits in Afghanistan
  73. Navistar Defense and Tatra Team for Canadian SMP Program
  74. Army Plans $100 Million Special Ops HQ in Afghanistan
  75. A New Powerful and Reliable Solution for Special Forces Vehicles
  76. Kokoda reveals a secret
  77. Slow Going As India Revamps Army
  78. FCS Remnants
  79. Army testing fuel cell technology for Abrams tank
  80. Defence Vehicle Dynamics 2010
  81. PsyOps/MISO, etc.........
  82. Victoria Cross winner Mark Donaldson promoted to corporal
  83. Singapore National Day Parade 2010 pictures
  84. Draft of U.S. Army Ops Concept Continues Break From Past Doctrine
  85. Ground-based RADAR developments
  86. Former Senior Al-Qaida figure calls for peace
  87. al-Qeada, rest of Africa
  88. Driving Simulators
  89. US Army Wants Nanomissiles to Launch Small Satellites
  90. US Army to Re-Emphasize Jump Skills
  91. US Army 2010 onwards......
  92. Chemical Warfare
  93. Biometrics Shows Increasing Promise On, Off Battlefield
  94. Guttenberg Unveils Plans To Cut German Army Size
  95. New book on aftermath of the War in the Pacific to make you fume
  96. U.S. Army partners with industry to test futuristic technologies
  97. TV series 'Greatest Tank Battles'
  98. British Military at a Crossroads
  99. Defence convoys on the road north
  100. What Is the Future For Rapid Fielding Programs?
  101. U.S. Military Orders Less Dependence on Fossil Fuels
  102. Latrun 2010 Exhibition – SIBAT Force Protection Focus Day
  103. Aussie Special Forces
  104. Marines Eye Ground Vehicles, Budget In Mind
  105. Soldiers Fired for Refusing Foreign Service
  106. BAE announces new capabilities for the AUSA show
  107. The Next Terrorist Challenge: Anti-Aircraft Missiles
  108. Dutch Army going downhill fast?
  109. BAE LAND 400 News
  110. InnoX - SAF Tests New Urban Operation Concept
  111. British Army 2010 and onwards
  112. Scorpion: Signature of the Architecture Contract
  113. Pune Based DRDO Lab Makes Most Powerful Conventional Explosive
  114. Darabos Announces Massive Reduction of Heavy Equipment of the Austrian Army
  115. Armoured Vehicle Study Turns Sci-fi to Sci-fact
  116. Israel Inaugurates First Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Battalion
  117. Elbit Systems wins contract from Polish Ministry of National Defense
  118. Combat Making Ranger School Unnecessary?
  119. Saab receives multi mission radar order from Australia
  120. Military Electric Vehicles
  121. Recruitment Woes Plague Swedish Military
  122. Australian Army 2011 onwards
  123. British scientists 'invent artificial petrol' that could cost just 90p per GALLON
  124. French Urgent Operational Requirement Projects in 2010
  125. Next leader of all U.S. Special Operations Forces
  126. Cheech and Chong reborn as Gun Dealers
  127. Soldier's maid carrying rucksack sparks 'softies' crack
  128. Photo Review from the LAAD 2011 show in Brazil
  129. Dutch Tank History Ends with A Bang
  130. White House Unveils Retooled Plan to Hunt al-Qaida
  131. IDF works on new tech to shorten sensor-to-shooter cycle
  132. Iran Funnels New Weapons to Iraq and Afghanistan
  133. Concrete canvas shelters
  134. Talisman Sabre
  135. Global Sales Pitch For Military Vehicles
  136. ‘Top Secret America’: A look at the military’s Joint Special Operations Command
  137. Evolving into Hybrid Forces – Challenging the IDF Precision Fires Domination
  138. General Dynamics Awarded $5 Million for Portable Vehicle Arresting Barrier
  139. South African Armour Corps (re)thinking role
  140. Battlefield Surveillance Radar and other such
  141. Contractors Tap Proven Technologies
  142. Indonesian Army modernisation plans (or dreams?)
  143. Russian Army orders Rheinmetall training centre
  144. The Future of Land Wars: Intense, High-Tech, Urban, Coastal
  145. Israel Approves New Joint SOF Command
  146. US Army to soldiers: 'Check-ins' can kill
  147. SOCOM Eyes Eventual Boost in R&D Funding
  148. The Israeli military has established a “depth corps”
  149. Sofex 2012
  150. Eurosatory 2012
  151. Eurosatory 2012
  152. Eurosatory 2012: EDA launches land systems study
  153. Eurosatory 2012 - MAN Trucks
  154. New IFV Designs Proliferate For Modern Warfare
  155. Arctic Warfare
  156. Logistics - All Aspects
  157. French Army Exercise To Demonstrate Scorpion Capabilities
  158. US Military Open for Private Sector Renewable Energy Ideas
  159. Lightning based weapon?
  160. Mixed armour competitions
  161. Rheinmetall Works On Combat Training Center In Russia
  162. Ausa 2012
  163. Ballistic or demi-ballistic missiles, some posing as Nukes
  164. SPecOps only
  165. Lessons from the Army's Future Combat Systems Program
  166. Improvised FSA armored car Sham II
  167. US General Norman Schwarzkopf dies
  168. Excellent Advice
  169. Identification of Armour
  170. Singapore Army, 2013 onwards........
  171. Tank Lesson 101: Tank Identification in the 1990s with Q&A
  172. DVD 2013 - Defence Vehicle Dynamics
  173. Hovercraft solution to rapid landing ops
  174. Indonesia wants military improvement & modernisation
  175. First test phase of CTA gun ammo completed
  176. News: 31st MEU coordinates large-scale destruction with Australian counterparts
  177. As DSEi Kicks Off, All Eyes on Armored Vehicles
  178. Chinese Land Forces
  179. Canadian Army 2013 onwards..............
  180. Indigenous Tank, Professional Army Backbone of Turkish Efforts
  181. Poland Brings Defense Focus Back Home
  182. AUSA 2013 reports
  183. France Dissolves Symbolic Regiment Based In Germany
  184. Interview: Maj. Gen. Dave Gawn, Chief of New Zealand Army
  185. U.S. Army, Australian Leaders Talk Research, Development Cooperation
  186. Israeli Armor, Artillery Corps Shifting Emphasis
  187. US Army, Marines Struggle With Infantry Vehicle Replacements
  188. Iran unveils new 12.7 mm Gatling gun
  189. Eurosatory 2014
  190. Defence Vehicle Dynamics 2014
  191. Bell Helicopter Completes Huey II And Bell 407GT Demo Tour In The Middle East
  192. Russia 'to double' size of airborne forces
  193. South African Army preparing immediate response force
  194. Airshow China 2014: land systems front and centre at Zhuhai
  195. Italian Army Lays Out Future Vision
  196. RUSI Land Warfare Conference 2014
  197. Armoured vehicle fleets expand
  198. Israeli Army 2015 onwards...........
  199. US Troops Need Training To Battle in Future Megacities, Marine General Warns
  200. Serbia will modernize its armed forces including the purchase of howitzers Nora
  201. Aussie Vietnam VC winner's medals go on display
  202. Armoured Vehicle Active Defensive Systems
  203. Advanced Technologies Improve Recon, Strike Capabilities
  204. Land Rover replacement
  205. Chinese Armor at Zhuhai
  206. NORINCO Ground Mobility Demonstration at AirShow China 2016
  207. NZ Army confirms SitaWare
  208. Analysis: Saudi Arabia - A close customer (part 1 - land)
  209. The year ahead: Land programmes in the Americas
  210. The year ahead: European land programmes
  211. The year ahead: ROW land procurement
  212. Analysis: Ammo revolution
  213. New Radar Eyes Seeking Targets in Forests