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  1. First
  2. The Return of the Commissar?
  3. Laser-powered drones and hybrid tanks could cut military's carbon 'bootprint'
  4. Using Exhaust to Increase Fuel Efficiency
  5. Pre-Crime Detection: Recognizing Terrorists Ahead of Time
  6. Future War Aircraft
  7. Biofuels a bit expensive
  8. UltraHeavy Logistics - European Truck Factory
  9. 3D Printing, an example
  10. Scots student makes breakthrough in 'invisibility cloak' theory
  11. Energy storage, energy to be used for the weapon system and for shipboard powering
  12. DARPA Aims to Engage Non-Traditional Participants in Adaptive Vehicle Make Program
  13. 'Crazy' Tape Holds Weight of Man
  14. Water from thin air: Aussie Ed's Airdrop an international hit
  15. Remote Location Power Generation using Kites!
  16. Silk Armour?
  17. Darpa Developing Novel New Fire Suppression Method
  18. Suds Ahoy! Bubble Boats Better Fuel Efficiency
  19. Spray-On Wi-Fi Boosts Your Signal
  20. SGA2012: Israeli manufacturer lightens the load
  21. GM files patent for robot army
  22. Altaeros Energies Demonstrates Airborne Wind Turbine
  23. A third industrial revolution
  24. Automating Ablation
  25. In case of emergency: EAT this book
  26. ''Passive Radar'' from Cassidian Remains Invisible
  27. Soft Worm robot?
  28. MBDA Germany’s 40 kW laser successfully tested
  29. US Navy announces plans to make jet fuel out of seawater
  30. ARL's Combustion Lab Sparks Studies That Could Lead to JP-8 'Super Engine'
  31. Editorial: U.S. Technology Leadership Tested
  32. Darpa Works To Speed Design, Simplify Manufacture
  33. Robots united
  34. Polyurethane Might be the Key to Next-Gen Body Armor
  35. Appliqué vehicle armour could withstand numerous bullets
  36. Plastic bulb could replace traditional fluorescent lights
  37. Quantum Imaging Technique Heralds Unjammable Aircraft Detection
  38. Army Goes Goth With ‘Super-Black’ Materials
  39. 'Super-material' graphene gets government backing
  40. Tidal Power
  41. Method could lead to smaller active/passive IR cameras
  42. Army Partners With Industry for Vehicle Efficiencies
  43. Combustible gases provide power to leaping soft robots
  44. Technology Lets Archaeologists — And the Military — Peer Through Foliage
  45. So It Begins: Darpa Sets Out to Make Computers That Can Teach Themselves
  46. Start-Up Developing Ka-band Antenna For Aircraft
  47. Body-builders: developing cyborg organs
  48. Google Invests in Clean Energy UAS
  49. Top Pentagon Scientist Pushing to Fund Technological Demonstrations (UPDATED)
  50. Video Haystacks: Boston Attacks Highlight Need For Modern Visualization Tools
  51. Salt of the Earth: the promise of thorium nuclear reactors
  52. Joining technique could improve design optimisation
  53. The OX Light Truck - motor vehicle "IKEA" flat pack?
  54. Engineers called on to develop new low-carbon ship propulsion
  55. GE looks to jetstream to slash drag
  56. Improvised Everything
  57. Nano Breakthrough For Navy Lab
  58. General Dynamics Land Systems, NextEnergy and TM3 Systems Successful Demonstration
  59. UAS Tag and Track Quarry Using Nanoparticle Sprays
  60. The Vulcan Mind Meld Lives!!!
  61. Tata Steel's Lightweight Armour Steel Can Take A Punch
  62. DoD Developing Mobile Units to Neutralize Chemical Weapons Materials
  63. S. Korea develops first radar-absorbing paint
  64. Dolphin 'sonar' inspires clutter-penetrating radar
  65. Contracts Awarded to Develop Laser Pods that Shoot Down Missiles
  66. Is the U.S. military ready to embrace new technologies that will define future wars?
  67. New Wave Energy wants to put power plants in the sky
  68. System Captures 3D Images from the Darkness
  69. Theorists Predict New State of Quantum Matter May Have Big Impact on Electronics
  70. Invisible Planes: China, US Race for Cloaking Tech
  71. Snecma Tests Open Rotor Engine
  72. Light-bending principles found in mother-of-pearl
  73. Lockheed Martin Demonstrates Weapons Grade High Power Fiber Laser
  74. Lockheed inks deal to produce energy from ocean waves in Australia
  75. Learning from Termites
  76. Lockheed Raises Quantum Computing Bet
  77. Self-Healing Paint Could Halt Rust on Military Vehicles
  78. Scientists Develop Night Vision Contact Lens
  79. Interview: Arati Prabhakar, Director, US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  80. Pentagon Struggles To Get Small-Biz Tech
  81. Hagel Pushes New Tech, Prototyping, Allied Engagement
  82. Research Firm Casting Wide Net To Help UK Army Find Future Innovations
  83. NASA launches study for Skunk Works SR-72 concept
  84. DARPA Projects to Watch in 2015
  85. FNSS announced the winners of the International Military Land Vehicles Design Competi
  86. Future naval warfare and unmanned vehicles
  87. This Woman Flew an F-35 Simulator with Her Mind
  88. DARPA Wants Implantable Hard Drive for the Brain
  89. A Reversed, Tilted Future For Pratt’s Geared Turbofan?
  90. Achates Power Wins $14 M Engine Project Single Cylinder Advanced Combat Engine
  91. Budget Cuts To Future Weapons Could Have Long-Term Impact
  92. DARPA strives to maintain relevance of US air systems
  93. Canada Eyes Lighter, Stronger Armor
  94. Pentagon Seeks Sensors That Last for Years
  95. Composites Key to Tougher, Lighter Armaments
  96. Transparent Armor from NRL; Spinel Could Also Ruggedize Your Smart Phone
  97. Third Armaments Revolution Set to Unfold
  98. The metal that can float on water
  99. Augmented reality disrupting the real world
  100. MBDA pushes ahead with Reactive Materials warhead development
  101. The Military Is Creating Vampire Drones That Die in the Sun
  102. Onera Explores Mach-8 Missile Engine Technology
  103. MBDA Research Programs May Cut Cruise Missile Kill Chain
  104. BAE Takes Stake In Reaction Engines Hypersonic Development
  105. Darpa Eyes Dynamic Networks
  106. Opinion: Fictional Work Gives View Of Future Wars
  107. Laser To ID Targets by Their Vibration
  108. Robot Wars: Centaurs, Skynet, & Swarms
  109. Aero-diesel Uses Better Cast Iron
  110. Assisting The Human Central to Pentagon’s Third Offset
  111. DOD official: World faces ‘Terminator conundrum’ on AI weapons
  112. Opinion: Enormous Challenges For Autonomous Aircraft
  113. USAF Researches ID Techniques Using Skin Filters
  114. Work: Autonomy In Flight Likely Before Ground
  115. DepSecDef On Boosted Humans & Robot Weapons
  116. Truss-Braced Wings May Find Place On Transonic Aircraft
  117. Defense Secretary Carter unveils $317M initiative for high-tech textiles at MIT
  118. Production-Ready Graphene From South Korean Company
  119. Robot Brains Where & When You Want ‘Em
  120. UNmanned goes Civilian
  121. As Pentagon Dawdles, Silicon Valley Sells Its Newest Tech Abroad
  122. US Spies Want a Laser Gun That Can Detect Bombs from 100 Feet Away
  123. Thornberry Markup Promotes Prototyping, Experimentation
  124. Winning The Missile Wars: Army & Navy Tech In HASC NDAA
  125. Biological Materials Have Potential For Custom Applications
  126. The next 100 years..........
  127. HELS slated for service within five years
  128. Britain to Name Contractor for Testing Laser Weapon
  129. Australia, U.S. Complete Mach 7.5 Hypersonic Test
  130. The Week In Technology
  131. Armatech launches Black Knight vehicle survivability upgrade
  132. BAE Systems Pursues Computer That Builds Objects Through Chemical Reactions
  133. Strategic Capabilities Office Is ‘Buying Time’ For Offset: William Roper
  134. Neil deGrasse Tyson, Jeff Bezos Join Defense Innovation Board
  135. Future Technology Innovations On The Horizon
  136. Joint Force 2035: Lasers, Biotech and Global Instability
  137. Great Expectations
  138. So, Where Are All the Robots?
  139. DARPA is shrinking LIDAR to fit on a chip
  140. Pentagon: We’re Closer Than Ever to Lasers That Can Stop Missiles
  141. The Military Is Genetically Modifying Bacteria to Make Even Tinier*Computers
  142. QinetiQ to integrate unmanned air, sea and subsea vehicles
  143. Pentagon Study Urges ‘Immediate Action’ On Thinking Weapons; VCJCS Selva Cautious
  144. Pentagon Looks to Adaptive EW Systems to Thwart Future Adversaries
  145. The Week In Technology, Sept. 5-9, 2016
  146. DARPA Challenges Industry To Make Adaptive Radios With Artificial Intelligence
  147. Problems Aerospace Still Has To Solve
  148. A Closer Look At NASA’s Options For Large-Scale X-Planes
  149. Weapons AI Increasingly Replacing, Not Augmenting, Human Decision Making
  150. Wärtsilä joins autonomous shipping project
  151. A century after the first use of the tank, what does the future hold?
  152. Massive Overmatch Assault Round (MOAR) study
  153. All-Electric, Hybrid Aircraft Engine Research Taking Off
  154. Battlefield 2030 Introduction*
  155. Roboticists Looking to Shed Design Constraints of Manned Platforms
  156. The 'Magic' Behind Radar-Absorbing Materials For Stealthy Aircraft
  157. Advantages of AESA Radar Technology
  158. Raytheon gets DARPA funds for hypersonic weapon project
  159. BAE Systems to continue ARC work
  160. DARPA Sees Cockpit Assistance Building Pilots’ Trust In Autonomy
  161. DoD Opens Biofabrication Hub in New Hampshire
  162. Directed Energy Atmospheric Lens Could Revolutionise Future Battlefields
  163. GM, Honda team to 'mass produce' hydrogen fuel cell systems
  164. US Navy Looking at Slimy Substitute to Kevlar
  165. A Glimpse Of Warfare’s Future, Today
  166. Kiwi company turns plastic waste into high-quality concrete
  167. Composite Metal Foam Stops and Pulverizes Bullets
  168. NRL Develops Lighter, Field-Repairable Transparent Armor
  169. Warfighters Will Be Able to Press and Repair their Armor