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    See I disagree. They fit in very well with the sort of mindset our politicians have.

    1. The pitch. A limited deployable capability to support SF, downed aircraft, rapid / long ranged aeromedical... Go to last post

    ADMk2 on 28-08-16

    OSPREY all models

    We like it up here, yes... Go to last post

    ADMk2 on 28-08-16

    RAN News

    The term doesn't seem to have got South to the ACT or to my home State Tasmania but I intend to start using it. Trivia aside ,it would be great if those birds were struck down in the HMAS Canberra... Go to last post

    tiddles on 28-08-16

    RAN News

    Used a bit in Sydney Go to last post

    JimWH on 28-08-16

    RAN News

    A QLD saying I believe. Go to last post

    Mercator on 28-08-16

    RAN News