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    BREAKING: Pecheneg PKP BULLPUP Machine Gun

    Posted 2 days ago in NFA / Suppressors / Class III by Steve Johnson

    This post was written, and photos provided, by our good friend Lionel.

    ... Go to last post

    buglerbilly on 25-09-16

    Machine guns, Light and Medium

    Breaking: Smith and Wesson Eliminated From US Army’s Modular Handgun System

    Posted 13 hours ago in Companies, News, Pistols by Patrick R

    In a Smith & Wesson SEC filing, it was revealed that... Go to last post

    buglerbilly on 25-09-16

    Standard Frame Pistols

    I don't necessarily agree... Go to last post

    FifthGen on 25-09-16

    Hollow hegemon: Australia’s declining influence in the Pacific

    September 25 2016 - 1:34PM

    Philippines to host US war games after hardman Rodrigo Duterte softens stance

    Ditas Lopez

    Manila:*The Philippines and the US*have scheduled military drills next... Go to last post

    buglerbilly on 25-09-16

    Philippines moves close to historic peace deal with Islamist rebels

    September 24 2016

    After Brexit – taking back control

    Nick Miller

    London: "Brexit is the trailer," says political academic Matthew Goodwin. The main feature will begin after these... Go to last post

    buglerbilly on 25-09-16

    UK votes to leave the EU