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    How I'd go about things would be to replace their Hercules fleet with something along the lines of the C-27, then pool resources into a shared C-17 fleet. NZ is in a similar situation to Aus where... Go to last post

    ARH v.4.0 on 18-12-14

    STOL Aircraft

    Yeah, I saw an article with one of the opposition parties screaming that two or three C17s was a massive downgrade from their current C130 fleet due to limited numbers and decrying any thought of a... Go to last post

    Unicorn on 18-12-14

    STOL Aircraft

    OK, so Japan handles overhaul of the South Korean's F35's (yeah right, like that will happen) and Australia handles the maintenance of the Singaporeans?

    Seems unlikely and I can't recall any... Go to last post

    Unicorn on 18-12-14

    F-35 in all it's Variations

    So, is some of this news?


    The project remains on track to deliver a US Navy common Airborne Electronic Attack Capability based on the EA-18G aircraft and ALQ-99 TJS.

    The EA-18G Growler... Go to last post

    Mercator on 18-12-14

    Australia's Defence Capability Plan

    We might buy 2 for us and NZ gives us cash to buy 2 more for a pooled fleet. ie. X hours per year. They have shown interest. Go to last post

    Mercator on 18-12-14

    STOL Aircraft