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    If they buy off the shelf it goes OK. When they try to 'Australianise' it, it's guaranteed to go to shit. NH90 in an exception as it is a turd everywhere, and I think all the other operators of Tiger... Go to last post

    ARH v.4.0 on 29-08-15

    Army Aviation

    Pentagon Contract Announcements

    (Source: U.S. Department of Defense; issued August 27, 2015)

    The $1.49 billion order awarded to Boeing on Aug 27 funds 9 additional P-8A Poseidon maritime... Go to last post

    buglerbilly on 29-08-15

    The P-8 Programme

    Well that janes article said $31M each, hence $620M for 20. Lots more to pay I'm sure, but maybe not twice as much.

    Thing is, I still don't think you could get away with writing off the tigers,... Go to last post

    Mercator on 29-08-15

    Army Aviation

    What strikes me is the Australian Defense Force's seeming inability to make anything rotary happen. Seriously. The seasprite seems to be considered one of the best helicopters in history. It's power... Go to last post

    Weasel on 29-08-15

    Army Aviation

    Taiwan's 30 Apache's cost them US$2 billion. I'm guessing if the Army was to go for a Tiger replacement, we'd be looking at US$1.5b minus a lot of the weapons packages. Go to last post

    ARH v.4.0 on 29-08-15

    Army Aviation